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APTRI Center for R&D  is dedicated to  research and development in technical and policy relevant studies on all aspects of energy and power. To achieve its goals, the center undertakes:


  • Scholarly research
  • Policy-oriented research
  • Sharing Knowledge and research findings
  • Industry-Academics interface
  • Collaborative R&D


The Center for R&D (CR&D) has initiated its R&D activities to look beyond typical operational and project management aspects and instead focus on creating organizational ability for innovation, collaboration and building a network of partners for Research & Development. 


The APTRI CR&D aims at taking up R&D projects in order to contribute towards bridging the technology gap across various segments of the power sector and achieving sustainability. The aim is to either improve the design of an individual plant component or evolve cost efficient processes. R&D projects also take advantage of the advances in Renewable Energy Technologies and take up hybrid projects capable of delivering higher efficiency of operation and integration including hybrid Solar, Thermal, Business Intelligence, Fleet management, ICT to improve control & instrumentation system, data acquisition system and monitoring of system performance parameters for optimum decision making.

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