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APTRI partners with GE Bently Nevada for cross functional reliability process simulation gain for senior executives

Program Value

Trying to change organizational culture is difficult even in the best of circumstances. One reason for the difficulty is that people have a hard time “seeing” the objective. The Reliability Process Workshop is the solution to this problem. This workshop uses a board game simulation of the reliability process called The Reliability Game to clearly demonstrate the value of good proactive reliability practices and the effect on the bottom line.The Reliability Process Workshop teaches participants how to make the transition from a reactive to proactive maintenance environment. They will learn to “follow the money” and further their understanding of the business decisions behind reliability. This board game simulation has been employed successfully by numerous Fortune 500 companies.Many of these companies require all of their management and supervisory staff to “play the game” as part of their professional development plan.

The Reliability Process Workshop with the Reliability Game

Positively effecting culture change is important to success and the Reliability Process Workshop is used to support many aspects of reliability improvement:


  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Work Process Redesign & Implementation
  • Management Training Programs
  • Required Training for Leadership
  • Plant Initiative Support
  • Introduction to Proactive Philosophy
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Change Management Initiatives.


The Reliability Process Workshop simulation game was run with cross-functional teams involving O&M, Engineering, Finance, Techno-commercial teams of senior executives. The board game simulation allowed the team to determine how to best manage their resources of equipment, money, time, labor and material.Each team’s financial progress was tracked through each round of play, and results discussed throughout play and in detail at the end of the day. The take-away was heightened appreciation for the value of reliability and openness to the teamwork philosophy.

Date & Time

November 01, 2014


Virtual Conference
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